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Avaaz is a civic organization that is based in the United States. The organization was launched in 2007 and its main aim is global activism on matters pertaining to climate change, animal rights, human rights, poverty, corruption and conflict. They achieve their objectives through filling petitions, organizing demonstrations and supporting independent press in conflict areas. Among the cofounders of the organization are the Res Publica group, the Moveon Organization and individuals such as Richen Patel, Tom Perriello among others. Ricken Patel is the founding President and the executive director of the organization which depends solely on individual members support.

Recently, the Avaaz organization through, its lawyers, challenged OfCom’s ruling on SKY (a UK pay TV provider). They wrote a letter to the UK’s communications office in which they stated that the ruling was fatally blemished by a number of things which included material errors of law, reasoning and fact. Through their lawyer they also claimed that Mr. Murdoch’s Fox plan to purchase 61% of SKY at a cost of £ 11.7 billion be review.

The Avaaz lawyers also cited the use of irrational legal standards, ignorance of significant and relevant evidence, basic factual errors and use of FOX Assurance by Ofcom. They claim that Fox representatives have had a series of false statements in the past. Other grounds on which the Avaaz Organization is seeking to challenge the ruling is the Fox News recent sexual and racial harassment allegations. They also plan to provide Sky opponents with adequate information required for them to challenge the transaction.

The organization is also looking for documents on dealings between Ofcom and Fox executive assurance. It’s also seeking Karen Bradley’s communication with Ofcom. Karen Bradley, culture secretary, is considering asking for a six month deeper probe of the merger on different grounds. She plans to request for further investigations by the Competitions and Markets Authority on the possibility of the Murdochs to take too much control over the UK media after the merger.