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Fabletics Values Customer Reviews

The consumer purchases in a company are most times determined by the power of the crowd. The customers check the reviews of the crowd to determine the products that they can trust. These customers believe that the reviews they read are as valid as the personal recommendation, which they would get from people whom they trust. Consequently, the Savvy brands like Fabletics capitalize on the marketing strategies that are centered on customer reviews.

Fabletics was launched in 2013 and has received positive feedback from the market. since its launch, the company has grown by over 200%; It has over $235 million in revenue and more than 1 million paying members. The marketing brand officer in Fabletics’ mother company Shawn Gold accredits the success of Fabletics to embracing the customer reviews. He says that consumer reviews are the drivers to increased customer acquisition, customer retention, and improved loyalty.

The current day consumers are very digital and are nothing like the old customers. Consequently, online reviews play an important role in the decision-making process of the consumer. The customers conduct research on companies before making purchases from them. They also read the previous reviews from the customers who previously bought the products to make their final decisions. The above is termed as crowd sourcing, and it can make or break a business.

The modern day consumers no longer trust the traditional advertising. They believe that every producer has something positive to say concerning their products even when the product does not meet the description. Consequently, they believe more in the customer reviews as they find them safer and more trustworthy than the adverts. Negative reviews dissuade customers from purchasing products as they imply that the company in question has a bad reputation.

The research further indicates that 76% of the leading brands use the review sections on their websites as they know these attract or dissuade customers. The genuine and authentic reviews play a huge role in boosting the bottom-line.

Kate Hudson

The launch of Fabletics at the Beverly Hills Hotel was a successful event. As Kate Hudson walked down the red carpet, she noticed the usual celebrities in the hall, paparazzi and all the hangers on that frequent such events. She and Demi Lovato were here to launch one of the brands that would make the largest wave in the world. Demi said that The Fabletics brand stands for inspiring and empowering women to become the best version of themselves.