George Soros follows new strategy to effect criminal justice reform in U.S.

Throughout the history of the United States, one of the most serious concerns to those who consider themselves to be progressive minded has been the many unpalatable outcomes of the U.S. criminal justice system. Between its use to break labor, incarcerate anti-war activists and disproportionately lock up minorities for dubious reasons, such as the war on drugs, criminal justice reform has been at the forefront of every progressive mind since at least the 1850s.

However, despite massive efforts to change the U.S. criminal justice system, few things have actually panned out. The leviathan of the U.S. criminal justice system, which employs literally millions of people, has proven to have too much inertia and be too resistant to any change from the outside. This has led many progressive activists to abandon their old tactics, coming up with new ways to creatively effect change within the U.S. criminal justice system and movie produced by George Soros.

One of those activists is George Soros, one of the most successful investors in history and a lion of the political left. Soros has been responsible for making great changes to societies across the globe. He has long championed his own particular conception of what he calls open societies, places where everyone is welcome and the marketplace of ideas is completely untethered and George’s lacrosse camp.

This has resulted in Soros spending billions of dollars of his own money effecting changes throughout the globe. This has given Soros a great deal of experience in real-world activism, allowing him to have the strategic foresight to see what tactics are likely to work and which are not.

And the case of the U.S. criminal justice system, Soros has decided that a completely new, ground-up approach is what is needed to begin to reform the long-standing inequities that have existed in the system almost since its conception. Soros is undertaking a campaign to replace some of the most powerful figures in the criminal justice system. These include prosecuting attorneys, judges and sheriffs. Through his organizations, Soros is pouring millions of dollars into local campaigns of progressive-minded people who seek to take office in these positions throughout the criminal justice system and

Soros believes that by replacing actual people who hold these offices, it will be possible to begin changing how the system operates from the ground up. No one has more power to determine who goes to jail and who stays free then the prosecuting attorney. Through the power of the plea bargain, prosecuting attorneys are able to not only decide not to press charges in borderline cases, they are also able all but ensure that real criminals will spend time behind bars. They can do this by offering a plea bargain to an offense that carries a much more lenient sentence than the one with which they had been originally charged.

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What George Soros Didn’t Tell You

The Financial Ingredient Called Bravery

There’s a driving force behind every person with success.

The more we dive into these men and women’s lives, the more we see the larger reason behind the drive that they successfully have. In the world of George Soros, a billion dollar status is only as good as the drive to obtain it. For George Soros, it means nothing to want, want and then want.

Mr. Soros believes that there is a clear element of bravery behind every great attempt at success. For George, treading the road of success required more than an ability to like or count numbers. The specific childhood that George was forced to live also gave him the right passion and for a life of bravery and more information click here.

This courage is a key aspect to George Soros’ wealth.

When We Falter In Times Of Need

There’s nothing glorious about man’s limits in motivating himself. It’s, therefore, easy to believe that life must push us before we have the right determination or will for accomplishing something. For this very reason has George Soros’ level of bravery been so important to the completion of his success and learn more about George.

The challenges that Mr. Soros faced to become the financial mogul he is today are obstacles that others failed with. And through all of this, one message from Mr. Soros remains true in the end. There’s little to nothing that you can do in the world of finance if you do not have the necessary tact and courage.

The decisions in finance are frightful for many in the professional world.


A Small Leap Of Faith

For over a decade, George Soros has been an advocate for the tolerance of nations and other groups. These tolerances fall under the umbrella of open society ideals. It’s these ideals that paint the picture of George. There are small steps of bravery along the way, and George had it in him to live it out and follow his Twitter.

Today, those small leaps of faith are giant rewards that help us understand the man George Soros.

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The Lady Behind the Curtain

Musicians and sports personalities have become part and parcel of our entertainment, we applaud them and marvel at their shows. However, the real show runners are individuals like Desiree Perez. They are the unseen forces behind influential individuals in the show business. Desiree Perez also referred to as Dez Perez, is the curtained force guiding the careers of Jay-Z, Rihanna, J. Cole, Shakira, and Big Sean among other big names in the music industry.

Jay-Z and Mrs. Perez have worked together to establish an enviable brand. Following Jay-Z’s founding of the Roc Nation in 2008 and the subsequent appointment of Mrs. Perez as the Chief Operating Officer, the two have worked closely. She is among the few professionals that managed Jay-Z’s career into its flourishing state. Jay-z is a reported staunch admirer of Mrs. Perez business negotiation wit as well as her business decision-making capabilities and what Des Perez knows.

Under Mrs. Perez, Roc Nation has advanced into a premier destination of choice for top artists and sports personalities. Roc Nation realized its expansion goal through the establishment of Roc Nation Sports. The new product sought to extend talent management to sports men and women. Mrs. Perez is involved in contract negotiations and management of sports personalities under Roc Nation. She has also successfully negotiated various deals between Roc Nation and its business associates. She is credited for sealing a $150 million deal between Roc Nation and Live Nation. She has also negotiated for deals sponsoring artists under Roc Nation, such as the Samsung‘s sponsorship of Rihanna’s tour and more information click here.

Desiree Perez is married to Juan Perez. The two have carved out careers in the entertainment industry. Mr. Perez is the head of Roc Nation Sports. Mrs. Perez is fascinated by her role in Roc Nation. However, she would like to see more women in positions such as hers and Des Perez’s lacrosse camp.

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Fabletics Values Customer Reviews

The consumer purchases in a company are most times determined by the power of the crowd. The customers check the reviews of the crowd to determine the products that they can trust. These customers believe that the reviews they read are as valid as the personal recommendation, which they would get from people whom they trust. Consequently, the Savvy brands like Fabletics capitalize on the marketing strategies that are centered on customer reviews.

Fabletics was launched in 2013 and has received positive feedback from the market. since its launch, the company has grown by over 200%; It has over $235 million in revenue and more than 1 million paying members. The marketing brand officer in Fabletics’ mother company Shawn Gold accredits the success of Fabletics to embracing the customer reviews. He says that consumer reviews are the drivers to increased customer acquisition, customer retention, and improved loyalty.

The current day consumers are very digital and are nothing like the old customers. Consequently, online reviews play an important role in the decision-making process of the consumer. The customers conduct research on companies before making purchases from them. They also read the previous reviews from the customers who previously bought the products to make their final decisions. The above is termed as crowd sourcing, and it can make or break a business.

The modern day consumers no longer trust the traditional advertising. They believe that every producer has something positive to say concerning their products even when the product does not meet the description. Consequently, they believe more in the customer reviews as they find them safer and more trustworthy than the adverts. Negative reviews dissuade customers from purchasing products as they imply that the company in question has a bad reputation.

The research further indicates that 76% of the leading brands use the review sections on their websites as they know these attract or dissuade customers. The genuine and authentic reviews play a huge role in boosting the bottom-line.

Kate Hudson

The launch of Fabletics at the Beverly Hills Hotel was a successful event. As Kate Hudson walked down the red carpet, she noticed the usual celebrities in the hall, paparazzi and all the hangers on that frequent such events. She and Demi Lovato were here to launch one of the brands that would make the largest wave in the world. Demi said that The Fabletics brand stands for inspiring and empowering women to become the best version of themselves.

Sawyer Howitt’s Racquetball Career An Exemplar Of The Long Journey To Becoming A Pro

The life of great athletes and sportsmen is a pugnacious reminder that there is no easy path in the quest to venture into any form of sports. Ambitions, passion, adrenaline, and drive are not the only aspects that can help an individual become a successful sportsman. In the field of the racquet, the truth can be depicted from the successful career of Sawyer Howitt. The remarkable player’s journey to becoming a great racquetball player is an exemplar of the multifaceted hills and valleys one need to climb.

It is important for any athlete to define his motivation. A clear motivation defines one’s path. This is because one may opt to join racquetball for the sole reason of fulfilling their full potentials or as a means of creating wealth. The latter needs define to research the field to determine the dynamics that shape the sport, as well as the avenues that can generate opportunity while the former need to listen strongly to his intrinsic connotations.

To pursue racquetball and become wealthy requires a great plan as well as the ability and resilience to dedicate your time to the sport. The need to search for a mentor is very imperative as the need to follow the plan one designs. According to playing with a mentor is very helpful. The mentor usually will help one with work outs and practical exposure. This nevertheless needs to be followed by thorough personal practice as in this sport only the best of the best make it.

After being applauded by your mentor for being finely tuned for success one also need to find jobs. This is made possible by finding sponsors. As one becomes more pro, there is also need to venture into coaching others as well. Getting some resources as one practice is an important step in becoming an amateur player.

Sawyer Howitt began the journey of racquetball at childhood before further investing in professional play. He has worked for many companies such as Meriwether Group and Kure Juice Bar, in the various positions such as project manager. He is a recognized professional player by U.S. Racquetball Association.

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Understanding Kabbalah is the Key to a Tranquil Holistic World

Many Hollywood celebrities are flocking to Kabbalah. In Hollywood, it is more than a mere trend. Some Hollywood celebrities are intrigued by the Kabbalah Centre; others claim it is a vital part of their life. Madonna appears to be the one that started the great interest in the Kabbalah Centre. She claims this religion helps her find stability and peace in her life. She states the Kabbalah Centre helps her discover her inner tranquility. Many high-profile people say that Kabbalah is important because it restores peace and tranquility. Some celebrities have converted to Judaism because of their experience with Kabbalah. Madonna was so enthralled with this religion; she established multiple Kabbalah Centres.

Some celebrities proclaim the Kabbalah Centre helps in eliminating most of the chaos in their lives. Followers say daily stress is non-existent upon entering the Kabbalah Centre. Those who believe in the practice of Kabbalah proclaim it will change the way you view the world; it brings peace and order to a world filled with unrest and chaos.

In existence for over five-thousand years; Kabbalah teaches people how to live in peace and tranquility. Believers who visit the Kabbalah Centre say it helps them lead a fulfilling life, rather than a life filled with chaos. Kabbalah teaches that all parts of our lives are interconnected, and need balance to reach total spiritual fulfillment. Religious experts believe because of its spiritual nature; the Kabbalah can be applied to every religion. The Kabbalah Centre does not impose a strict religious doctrine. The religion provides the information to generate a peaceful, positive impact on the way people view life and more information click here.

The theory and practice of Kabbalah go back in history by over five-thousand years. The theory of this religion discovered thousands of years ago, helps people understand their universe. The Zohar is the original book describing the theory and practice of Kabbalah. The ideas and information in the Zohar are the road map to understanding our existence in a peaceful, tranquil universe and what Kabbalah knows.

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Madison Street Capital: Helping Organizations Navigate Complex Business Transactions

For Madison Street Capital, reputation is the product of industry longevity, hard work and provision of excellent services for its broad range of clients. Over the years, the company has carved out a name for itself as one of the leading provider of financial services globally. Its award-winning service delivery has seen it transform into a financial advisory provider for various organizations operating in a wide range of industries. The globally-renowned Madison Street Capital reputation has been developed by helping clients not only with excellent financial advisory services; the company also specializes in mergers and acquisitions, due diligence and company valuation among other services. The Chicago-based company is dedicated to ensuring that their esteemed clients navigate the turbulent and complex business environment through various strategic initiatives including mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and reorganization. The company successfully oversaw the merger of DCG Software Value with The Spitfire Group, recapitalization at ARES Security Corporation and financial restructuring at Maintenance Systems Management among other deals.


The company’s efforts have been feted at both the organization and individual management level. In 2017, The M&A Advisor awarded Madison Street Capital the Turnaround Award after fending off competition from over 300 organizations. The award was in recognition of the company’s restructuring initiatives. It was selected by financial professionals in 2016 as one of the finalists in the list of companies, which had provided excellent mergers, acquisitions and restructuring advisory. Individually, the company’s cofounder and chief operating officer, Anthony Marsala was awarded the 40 Under Forty Award by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts for his impressive track record at the helm of the company.


Company Profile: Madison Street Capital


Founded in 2005 by Anthony Marsala and Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital has diversified its service portfolio over the years beyond the investment banking sector. Divesting from private equity investment and debt financing has enabled the company to broaden its operations to become a fully-fledged financial advisory company. Currently, Madison Street Capital offers investment and other financial services to organizations within the larger North American region and Asia. The company has also expanded its operations to Africa.


The highly customized financial and investment advisory services, which has seen many of its client navigate complex financial and operational situations, are offered by highly experienced, dedicated and qualified professionals. The team at the multiple-awards-winning company is headed by experienced and talented management team. The multi-tiered management is headed by Charles Botchway who serves as the chief executive officer and Anthony Marsala, who serves as the chief operating officer. The company also has three directors.

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Beneful Highlights the Power of a Natural Diet

Most people are well aware of how important the ingredients are to a healthy meal. These same people often forget that it’s just as true of dog food as human food. Thankfully some dog food companies, such as Beneful, have made dedication to healthy dog food the foundation of their company.

That’s why so many people are curious about Beneful’s line of grain free dog food. If it’s from Beneful than it’s probably healthy. But people are curious about the specifics. One of the biggest benefits comes from the way a dog’s body processes grain. Grain simply isn’t something that canines get much of in the wild. Dogs are able to eat it safely. But in many ways it’s a bit like a human eating potato chips. Both are empty calories which at best will fill one up without offering much in the way of nutrition. At worst empty calories fill someone up so that they’re not even interested in healthy nutrient packed foods.

That’s one of the biggest benefits that Beneful’s grain free dog food delivers. Volume that would normally be used for grain can instead be given over to healthy ingredients such as vegetables or protein packed chicken. It can even help dogs lose weight because it’s more filling and nutrient dense than the alternatives and Beneful’s website.

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions Provides a Tailored Approach

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions Inc. has developed great skill and expertise to help their clients safely navigate the choppy seas of retirement planning. It’s a daunting proposition and can seem overwhelming to many. Wealth Solutions has timely answers for the ever changing financial world. They are a Registered Investment Advisory Firm who is able to plan and implement for every contingency. They have a wide range of clients and decades of experience to draw upon.

Wealth Solutions is able to provide comprehensive plans to help clients with Asset Protection and Wealth Management. They have a successful track record of working with affluent individuals, small-business owners, and families who have acquired significant assets. They are able to design plans which not only protect but also helps a client’s wealth base grow. They practice diversification and are adept at helping clients determine the appropriate level of risk for their situation. By utilizing professional services customers can also access investments that were hitherto unavailable to them. Learn more:

Building relationships are essential for clients to maximize the benefits of professional management. Collaboration is a crucial element and enables a full understanding of the customer’s goals and helps develop realistic timelines for achievement. It also helps customers maintain peace of mind knowing that someone is listening to them and understands fully their financial circumstances. Learn more:

Richard Blair not only has tremendous experience in wealth management he also maintains a comprehensive list of qualifications. He is an avid proponent of continuing education and puts it to work for himself and all of his clients. He is always learning and aware of any changes in the industry. He has complete knowledge of the tax, estate, legal, and financial fields to provide outstanding service to his clients. Learn more:

The Three Pillar Approach is central to Wealth Solutions and Richard Blair. This is the framework in which they serve their clients. The First Pillar is to lay out the client’s financial roadmap. Blair is able to gain a deep understanding of his client’s needs and build a collaborative relationship. The Second Pillar is implementing a long-term investment strategy. During this phase, he actively manages for his clients according to individual goals and market conditions. The Third Pillar is helping clients determine their unique needs for insurance.

Richard Blair has a strong interest in teaching due to the influence of several family members. He is now teaching his clients all about the financial world. He founded Wealth Solutions in 1994 and has provided quality service since then. They serve Austin, Tx. and surrounding areas including Houston, Bastrop, Marble Falls, Georgetown and New Braunfels. Learn more:

Warren Buffet Places a Million Dollar Bet on S&P500 Index

There is nothing that is more discouraging than working tirelessly for decades in the hope that the little retirement money you are saving will help you later in life, then discovering that it might not be enough. This is the exact problem that faces a good percentage of the population, and entrepreneurial and investments experts like Timothy Armour have been looking for ways in which they can help people have an easier time making savings for their retirement.

With the number of investment options and alternatives increasing every day, getting the ideal mode of investment for one’s situation can be a little tricky sometimes. This is probably why the likes of Warren Buffet are rubbishing the conventional vehicles of investment such as hedge funds. The most recent thing that he has stated is that he is willing to bet a thousand dollars that he will make more money investing in another area other than then regular hedge funds. This is a claim that has been backed by Timothy Armour who agrees that the hedge funds are a total waste of resources. The investment in itself is too demanding on the clients and the returns are marginal and more information click here.

As a matter of fact, Tim Armour has also joined Warren in Recommending that other investment vehicles such as The S&P500 index, it will be possible to make the same amount of money that is being made by the other investment types, the only difference is that it will come at a smaller cost to the investor and resume him.

About Tim Armour

Timothy is the CEO of the Capital Group of Companies. He graduated from the Middleburg college where he studied economics. He is now 55 and has been living in Los Angeles with his family. His first work experience was with the associates program of the Capital Group of Companies. For the past three decades, he has been working in the world of investment.

He had understood enough about the business to give sound advice about investing to people who seem stuck in the wrong investment choices. He has worked with the capital group for the past three decades and during this time, he has made their public portfolio better than any other leader has even managed to and learn more about Tim.

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