Securus Technologies Helps You Transition to the Outside

Through several innovative measures, Securus Technologies has been able to make correctional facilities a safer place to be. In addition to this wonderful social entrepreneurship spirit, Securus Technologies also provides ways for inmates to integrate back into society once they are done serving their time.

Securus Technologies has been able to decrease the crime that takes place in side correctional facilities by focusing on targeting contraband cell phones. Many people do not know this, but contraband cell phones are the most common tool used by inmates to plan how to harm one another. This can be done through phone calls, text messages, or social media.

Securus Technologies has invented several products that make it harder to use contraband cell phones within the correctional facilities. Their flagship product is known as Cell Defender. This product is a scanning system that searches throughout the correctional facility to locate cell phones that do not belong there. Once this cell phone is located, the user of the product may access the cell phone to read any text messages or listen to any phone calls. Working in concert with Cell Defender is Securus Technologies’ second product Wireless Containment Solutions. This product partners with Cell Defender and allows the user to turn off a phone’s Wi-Fi capacity.

Securus Technologies has also focused on helping inmates transition from life in the correctional facility to life in society. The first way they make this transition easier is by helping the inmate keep their relationships thriving while in prison. This is accomplished through webcam technology that allows the inmate to video chat with their loved ones.

Securus Technologies also provides computers to inmates through which they can take online college courses. This enables them to get skill based jobs so that they can support themselves out in society.

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